I suppose anything is worthwhile when life gives you a second chance to be with the one you love
—Harold Finch, (Michael Emerson, Person of Interest)
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(by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim)

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John Reese Appreciation ~ Tall, quiet & handsome

SE306, Mors Praematura

SHEILA!!!!! You have risen to new heights of beautifulness! These are super gorgeous gifs of amazing clarity and even more gorgeous Reese! These are all killing me, I do like my Reese best in the classic suit, and I like him serious and sexy and broody and just standing there like he’s doing„oh my God…he’s not just standing there, he is seducing us because he CAN! Outstanding set, oh I hope this inspires a dream….lol!

Thank you so much Stacy, I’m glad you like them. I was looking for some different view points when he’s being more quiet. He just oozes handsomeness without much movement.

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::Jim Caviezel - Promotional Pictures for Person Of Interest S1:: (x)
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This scene, though

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"put your heart in a cage where it should be"

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for Lisa 

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girl is cray, I’d be like come on in, I’m not wearing panties woopsss

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just to keep you safe.

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